What our clients are saying

  • I bought my first package at the end of Feb 2008, which included a total of 16, one was a complimentary session. I started noticing my jeans were fitting better initially. Then by about mid March, after my other sessions, I went to try on a pair of jeans and I was two inches smaller! I must say, I really like shopping; especially for these reasons, wow! I'm 41 years old, and I never felt or looked better. The proof is all of my friends are telling me how great I look! Not only do you look good, it feels good too! I highly recommend them, and what a perfect time to try it, get ready for the "fry in July."

    One very happy customer, Kim

  • When I first heard about Endermologie, I was a bit skeptical, but my cellulite was getting worse and worse, so I decided to research it. I found a lot of information on the internet and a girl at work told me she was going to Chadds Ford Endermologie. I called and made a consultation appointment and was pleasantly surprised at the massage-like treatment. After a few treatments, I noticed my skin getting firmer, it felt softer and smoother, and after about eight treatments, my cellulite was getting less noticeable! I was in shock. I finished my series and I am now on the once-a-month maintenance plan. I'm looking forward to wearing a bikini without the sarong this summer. Thank you Kaye and Michele. You have Given me a new life.

    — Jessica F.
    Hockessin, De.

  • I decided to go to Chadds Ford Endermologie, not because I had a lot of cellulite, but because I had some stubborn inches around my waist and hips that weren't responding to diet and exercise. I heard that Endermologie was good for inch loss, and I started a twice-weekly series. I began to look forward to the treatments. I feel so good afterwards. Then after seeing a lot of improvement, I began using the Smart Shape abs treatment. HOLY COW! It's like doing 400 crunches. They aren't kidding. Kaye measured me before and after my series and I lost a total of six inches! My pants and skirts fit a lot looser and I love how small my waist looks! Thanks! 

    — Nicole T.
    West Chester, Pa

  • I had cellulite ever since I was a teenager and had just accepted it as a fact of life. I never wore short shorts and always wore something over my bathing suit. After I turned 30, I decided I didn't want to live with it anymore. I had heard about Endermologie on a few TV shows and found Chadds Ford Endermologie on the Internet. I'm halfway through my package. My cellulite is looking a lot better! I can't believe that the cottage cheese I've had for over 12 years is improving! I was first ashamed with my cellulite, but now I tell all of my friends they can do something about it! Yeah!! 

    — Sarah S.
    Thrilled in Greenville, De.

  • I have been going to Chadds Ford Endermologie for over 5 years. The microcurrent facial is amazing and has taken years off. Not only is it relaxing, but both Michele and Carol make every experience amazing! Microcurrent is absolutely the most natural way to  keep your skin looking young and fresh! The lines around my eyes and mouth have faded and my skin looks firm and lips plump!  It's natural, affordable and gives you the results you're looking for!"

    — Carroll Laurence

  • If you ever wanted a face treatment that offered amazing results then you'll need to experience Micro-Current. I was so pleased to hear that Chadd Ford Endermologie was offering the best of the best Micro-Current technology. I am 64 and my face was showing the effects of gravity and sun exposure. Micro-Current has lifted, tone and energized my face and neck. I could see a difference with the very first treatment, but it was the comments from family and friends that confirmed that Micor-Current works.


    Betty J., Newark, DE