Post Lipo Suction Patient Instructions

Thanks for visiting our website. Your doctor has referred you to us so that we can give you the best post opperative care to ensure absolutely the best results.


Your doctor understands that the elements of a great figure are proportion, smooth contours, and toned skin. Many individuals seeking liposuction have cellulite and poor skin quality as well as unwanted collections of fat. That is why they offer Endermologie to all their liposuction patients. Endermologie is an FDA approved technique to improve the appearance of cellulite. The look of cellulite usually will not diminish with weight loss, and liposuction may not address the layer of fat under the skin.


Therefore, Endermologie is an ideal treatment for those who have undergone liposuction or for the individual who wishes to improve the appearance of cellulite. Our results show that combining the latest tumescent, superwet, and ultrasonic liposuction techniques with the Endermologie leads to better results.